Nasmaak  is a Dutch word that translates to ‘after-taste’.  Sexual harassment is experienced by 45% of  women  in the Netherlands, and these percentages continues to rise the more southern on the globe we go.

We are often unsure on how to best react. An emotional response can place us in danger, but ignoring it can lead to feeling ashamed that we didn’t stand up for ourselves.

So we want to offer a new way to confront this daily oppression...

How does it work?

Nasmaak is a business-card sized handout that challenges the behaviour of the man in question and seeks to educate, rather than escalate, the situation.

If someone comments, catcalls or harasses you, hand this card to the person and walk away. Please remember to assess the situation and judge whether you can exit safely. 

Simply download the .PDF by clicking the link below, print on A4 paper, cut, fold, and keep in your wallet. We hope you don’t need to use them, but if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, stand up for your right to feel safe. 







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