NaSmaak is a project by 2 individuals located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

The idea was born during a stay in Athens in the summer of 2017, where every passing day I experienced being commented on, photographed or harassed. 

How could we speak up if we didn’t speak the language fluently? How could we explain ourselves properly when faced with a man who clearly is unaware of how frustrating it is to simply be of a different sex than him? How could I safely tell him that he was ruining my day, without putting myself in danger?

Having tried everything in spoken (or shouted) word, I realized there are more ways in which we can communicate to one another.

The written word is not often used anymore, but it’s the greatest way of comunicating this message of intrusion in a safer way, in a language I might not even speak yet. 

NaSmaak was born. A piece of paper that can be handed out in any situation where one is made to feel unsafe, simply because of their sexuality.

I hope that, when you read this, you will be able to utilize this piece of paper to speak up for yourself and future others. 

I hope that, when you read this, you will be able to change the conversation. 

One card at a time.

Be safe,